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Single Component Waterborne Metallic Paint Emulsion


This product is specially designed forwaterborne metallic paint. It can be used as waterborne metallic primer and finish paint for the commercial and industrial protective coating market.

Main characteristics and advantages

黄到下面秒湿的短文黄到下面秒湿的短文,极品女鲍30p极品女鲍30p,海贼王娜美少女漫画海贼王娜美少女漫画♦Excellent gloss retention, corrosion-resistance, solvent resistance, durable color withgood weather resistance, which decrease recoating times.

♦Wonderful adhesion, flexibility and highhardness on all kinds of metallic base materials, which provides wonderful protection for metal surface materials.

♦Compared to similar performance ofimported materials, our materials are more cost-efficient.

黄到下面秒湿的短文黄到下面秒湿的短文,极品女鲍30p极品女鲍30p,海贼王娜美少女漫画海贼王娜美少女漫画■Physical Properties

The following is typical data, not representing its specification   

Appearance  Translucent milky white liquid
Solidity content, measured in weight(%)  42±0.5
Polymer type    Acrylate copolymer
PH  7.5-8.5
Minimum film forming temperature(℃)   10
Glass transition temperature (℃)   35

Brrokfield viscosity(centipoise,LVT,2#rotor,60 revolutions /minute,25℃) 


Hydroxyl value (measured in solidity content)  50
Acid value(measured in solidity content)   8

■Application areas

Waterborne single metallic paint

Waterborne industrial paint

It can improve function adding a little curing agent.